3 Ways How to Check WordPress Version on Your site

Knowing the WordPress version on your site is an important thing as it will help you know if your site is running on outdated, vulnerable or current WordPress secure and stable version. It is therefore recommended to check the WordPress version on your site.

Before we dive into ways on how to check WordPress version, let us have a look why running an updated and current version is important.

Why It’s Important to Know Your Site WordPress Version

  • It will help with overall security and stability of the site
  • It will ensure site is compatible with installed themes and plugins on the site
  • It will help with bug fixes.
  • It will add new features of wordpress as each update always comes with bug fixes, security updates and new features.

You can always know the current WordPress version by going to wordpress.org

Below Methods Will Help You Check WordPress Version

1. See WordPress Version From the Dashboard

Check on At a Glance widget as shown below.

check WordPress version dashboard

Check at the footer right-hand side as shown below

WordPress version on footer

Check the following link yourwebsite.com/wp-admin/about.php (note: this will only work when you are logged in.)

wordpress about page

2. Check WordPress Version By Viewing Your Page Source

You can use this method without logging into your website. Follow the steps below.

Right click on any page and choose view page source or press CTRL + U (windows) or CMD + U (mac) from your keyboard.

view page source

Press CTRL + F to open the search box and type in generator text as shown below.

generator search

You will then be able to see the wordpress version as shown below.

generator search result

Please note:- This might not work on all sites as it might be blocked by security plugins for being exposed.

3. Check by Viewing Site RSS Feed

Visit your site’s rss feed by following this link yourwebsite.com/feed/ once the rss feeds page loads do a search for the word “generator” as we did in the previous example, that will show you the current version of wordpress your site is running on.

check WordPress version
I hope the above methods will help you check the WordPress version on your site. If you are not able to see from the front-end then a security plugin on the site might be hiding it.