How to Copy a WordPress Page

In this article I will show you how to copy a WordPress page, there are few reasons why you would like to copy WordPress page some include:

  • When you want to maintain a layout of pages to be the same especially if they are custom made.
  • When you want to speed up page creation, one would prefer to just copy the WordPress page and then do the necessary edits.
  • When there are custom sections on specific pages like testimonials, quotes, contact forms, subscription forms, author bio etc..

Default WordPress install has no option of duplicating or cloning/copying a wordpress page, hence we will make use of a plugin to add this functionality on our site.

Steps – How to copy a WordPress Page

We will be making use of the Duplicate Page Plugin in this article due to its easy configuration and use, it is also well maintained with over 2million plus installations, regular updates and has a good rating from the plugin directory as you can see below.

copy wordpress page plugin

First you will have to install and activate this plugin. Please see How to Install and activate a WordPress Plugin Guide

Once activated go to the plugin settings page and configure below options to your needs.

Duplicate plugin settings page

Option 1 : Choose an Editor

You would like to use (Classic or Gutenberg editor)

Option 2: Duplicate Post Status

How you would like the status of the duplicate page to be (Draft, Publish, Private or Pending) I would recommend leaving this to default (Draft) option which will allow you to make necessary edits and then publish the page once ready.

Option 3: Redirect to after click on Duplicate This Link

Where you would like to be taken once you click the clone/duplicate link. I would set this to “To Duplicate Edit Screen” that way it will take me to direct to edit screen to start working on the page.

Choosing “To All Post List” will take you to the page/post lists where you will have to look through the list to identify the cloned page, this might take you a few minutes more so if you have several pages on your site.

Option 4: Duplicate Post Suffix

You can set this to “Copy or Clone” It is very helpful as it will help you easily identify the copy page as it will add the Copy text in front of the title.

Click on Save Change.

After completing the above configurations you are now set to start using the plugin. Simply go pages list from your WordPress Dashboard.

Click on Pages > All Pages as shown on the image below.

WordPress All Pages Link

Look at the page you would like to copy from all pages list

Hover over it, you will see “Duplicate This” link click on it to copy that page.

how to copy a wordpress page

You will then be redirected to the editing screen where you can edit the copied page as you want and then publish it once done.

That’s it. I hope this article helps you on how to copy a WordPress page of your sites. In case you have any questions kindly leave a comment below or you contact me.

Thanks for reading.